What Does Retirement Mean To You?

Does the word “retirement” itself create a savings roadblock?  Picturing yourself in retirement may be difficult. Retirement may feel so many years away that you can’t grasp the idea of ever being able to retire.  It becomes an abstract concept despite the images of seeing yourself on a beach or golf course, reading books and gardening or traveling the world.  Retirement means different things to different people: a time to sit back and relax; a time to get out and do the things you couldn’t do while working; a time to focus on what matters most.  For some people it means the ability to continue working but choosing the hours you want from the location you desire.  No matter what retirement means to you or how far away it may be, the same theme rings true for most Americans: retirement is a time to enjoy life. Instead of thinking of retirement as an exact savings number, try looking at it as the point at which you are financially free to pursue what brings you happiness.  The vision of traditional retirement has changed but achieving financial freedom still includes planning with the building blocks of saving more, spending less and investing wisely.