Financial Wellness.  In a recent Lincoln Financial study, more than half of retirement plan participants surveyed indicate they don’t save more in their 401(k) plan because they can’t afford to increase savings. The number of competing financial priorities continues to grow as participants focus on debt management, home improvements, emergency funds, healthcare, education and even vacation spending.

As a commitment to increase education, Pension Inc. provides financial wellness tools and calculators to help analyze budgeting and personal savings. In addition to retirement readiness planning on your personalized plan website, the following links offer access to help with your individual financial analysis:

*Lifestage Planning: Where Are You On Your Journey To Retirement?

*Pension Inc. Financial Planning Calculators

Studies show Americans spend more time planning their vacations than planning their retirement.  At Pension Inc. we encourage you to set aside time to focus on financial wellness education that can help manage competing priorities and set achievable goals.