Retirement plan cybersecurity is crucial, and Pension Inc. continues to create multiple layers of security for access to online retirement plan data. In addition to passwords and pins, additional authentication factors will soon be required to assist in verifying user credentials. This extra layer of security requires a confirmation code that is typically sent to a valid phone number or email address. The most important action you can take to ensure account security is to follow a few simple steps. 1) Remember to keep phone number and email address information current with Pension Inc. 2) Check your account regularly and promptly report concerns. 3) Pick strong passwords that are different from the passwords you use on other sites and change them regularly. 4) Be mindful which computers you use to check your accounts. Don’t use public computers, use caution with Wi-Fi connections and make sure your browser is up to date. Gaining physical access to retirement plan money is not exactly easy. With the robust security behind retirement plans, it is an unlikely target from an account takeover perspective. Despite the limited access to plan accounts, Pension Inc. is continuing to invest resources to enhance cybersecurity.