This week I celebrate my 25th anniversary with Pension Inc., the last seven years as CEO.  As I reflect, I wonder how it can be 25 years with a company I love, doing a job I love when it seems like just yesterday I interviewed with founder, Jim Cooney.  My most memorable interview take-away (other than the Victorian home mid-renovation to offices) is that Jim said, “if you ever want to be considered an expert at something, this is the career for you.”   That resonates with all of us at Pension Inc. as we continue to be a resource to help business owners and their employees reach their retirement goals.

Maneuvering the legal landscape of retirement plans over the past 25 years has not been easy.  We’ve been through Pension Simplification (which generally means job security for us as nothing is ever “simple” in this industry.)  We witnessed contribution and deduction limits rise and fall and rise again.  Keeping up with technology remains a challenge for most businesses.  We manage the added influence of keeping up with the Department of Labor and IRS to ensure our clients remain compliant.  Too many changes in this industry to recount them all.

Being an expert at something highly technical is significant, but the most rewarding aspect of Pension Inc. involves the people encountered along the way. With our high client retention rates, we enjoy lasting partnerships. How exciting to witness a business owner for which we established a company retirement plan, retire for himself/herself.  How joyful to receive invitations to retirement parties for long-time managers and employees of the plans we service. We have been blessed with loyal partnerships from the accounting, investment and legal communities. And I can’t forget, the past 25 years I have been fortunate to work with the most amazing team of consultants and friends within our walls of Pension Inc. . . . how grateful I am to be with a company I love, doing a job I love, for 25 years!