About Us

Pension Inc.

Providers of Retirement Plan Administration
Green Bay, Wisconsin

Pension Inc offers professional services for the complete administration of defined contribution retirement plans. Our officers have over fifty (50) years of combined experience in administration of retirement plans.

We provide directed trustee duties, technical consultation, plan documentation, administrative processing, participant reporting, distribution processing [payments to participants, tax deposits, and 1099-R preparation] and government filings.

Pension Inc is an independent Directed Trustee and Third Party Administrator of the Plan and maintains Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance coverage for our services.

We currently administer over 260 corporate retirement plans of various company sizes. We have designed our services and procedures so that a retirement plan sponsor's role is to simply establish the plan, remit the periodic plan contributions and payroll data, provide requested year end participant census data and inform our office of employment terminations.

Pension Inc handles all remaining aspects of the routine and technical administration of our client's retirement plans and is also responsible for guiding and advising clients on all plan matters. In addition, we encourage employee plan meetings conducted by the investment advisor and Pension Inc to periodically update plan participants regarding current legislative and plan issues and to detail the ultimate benefits of a company sponsored retirement plan.

Pension Inc was established by James P. Cooney in 1988. As an attorney and former bank vice president, Jim wanted to provide independent retirement plan administration services with no investment affiliation.

The offices of Pension Inc originally resided in a renovated Victorian home near downtown Green Bay. In 1999, Jim retired from Pension Inc and sold the business to the Pension Inc associates.

On August 21, 2009 Pension Inc. moved to a larger facility located at 1980 Commercial Way in Green Bay, WI.

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